Origin and worked criteria

Why breeding mice "Nos Ptites Bêtes"?

At the very beginning, since about October 2010, we began to breed mice like reptiles food, we had so few to company and did do regular litter but this stopped there.

Today we are having two mousery in parallel, mice breeding for reptiles managed by my companion and mice breeding for company run by myself.


What are the criteria worked in mousery ?

Mice that we reproduce are primarily selected for their sociable and affectionate nature, either to others mice or to humans. I also selects the best mouse over each litter in order to obtain animals with good size and also the most important, a good physical and mental health.

For morphology, I try to improve the size of my mouse so that it will be quite large without being too long, with a good base of tail, head short and stocky and wide muzzle

I also work on my male cohabitation between them, now all our males live in groups or in pairs.

Worked on the colors, I start in two parallel lines, a line called "pink eyed", focused on red bases and / or agouti (fawn, argente ...), and a line called "-c" with colors as Siamese, CPB, Bone, Burmese, Himalayan ... everything in bases black and blue, I also try to integrate gradually splash and tricolor in line with "-c" as well as longhair and satin.

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